Full Service PPE Sourcing & Brokerage

Hive Medix is a U.S. based global supplier and sourcing company for PPE.

We leverage our international manufacturing relationships along with our trusted brand representatives to provide market-savvy clients some of the best pricing, quality, and personal service in the PPE marketplace. We additionally facilitate the full service process from purchase order to escrow, as well as logistics, order tracking, and all the communications and paperwork throughout the buying and delivery process. 


In the current pandemic PPE marketplace, few dedicated PPE companies appear to exhibit the dedication, authenticity, and best practices as Hive Medix, but when we discover those companies and individuals that do, we like to invite them into our hive. You might be one.


Whether you are are on the supply end, the buyer/end user, or specialize in any collaborative role in between, see how Hive Medix can serve your business or organization with integrity, reliability, and profitability. 


Medical and Large Employers

We are additionally dedicated to supplying PPE, and relevant COVID-19 products to the healthcare industry, large employee-based companies,  municipalities, and other large groups needing to secure a temporary or ongoing supply chain.


Hive Medix Leadership

Bhaskar Krishnamurthy

President & CEO

International Operations

Bhaskar has many years of experience in the logistics industry orchestrating international orders, and shipping for a wide array of customers and industries. His global contacts and relationships are an invaluable asset to the ability of Hive Medix to be so agile in its sourcing and pricing for its customers. Bhaskar is fully dedicated  to grow Hive Medix parallel to his long held values of social responsibility and philanthropic contribution.

Kirk Williamson

Domestic Operations
& Partner Relations

Kirk has over 30 years of experience in the  healthcare industry as a business owner, and provider. His long-time friendship with Bhaskar began when he did business development for Bhaskar's 501c3.

His passion is in the formation of what he calls "hive collectives", a symbiotic collaboration of key partners that work not just for themselves, but thrive when accomplishing something valuable and sustainable for the customer.


Use us because

Because we are small, we can afford to be fully hands-on and dedicated to our business relationships.


Because we are connected to vetted global suppliers and manufacturers, we have the ability to quickly locate new supply lines when needed.


Because we can drop ship directly to the buying customer, we can maneuver quickly in our order fulfillment cycle. No warehousing or cumbersome infrastructure.

Be a part of our hive