Customer Care

Every customer will have one-on-one communication through the entire process whether it is the exploration of product samples, or the technical information and order procurement. We also keep you in the know with real-time tracking of the entire shipment process.


Hive Medix is dedicated to be a steward of social and corporate responsibility in two ways:

  • The Mission Hive Program:  Providing industry partners, customers, and not-for-profits an effective way to team together to bring PPE and other related products to areas of need. This is a new program and is currently seeking involvement at all levels of participation. Learn more at Hive Medix on our menu bar.

  • Hive to People Pledge: This is a way of giving a percentage of select transactions to named charities of either the customers choice or ours. This can be realized through monetary gift, or a designated portion of PPE ordered.

We believe that corporate global responsibility is only as effective as the collective participation of suppliers, industry partners, and key stakeholders. This is part of the ethos in the Hive aspect of our name.

Privacy & Safety

We know you have many options to shop online. We are not an online market place. We are a B2B method of business and conduct much of our transactions in conversation with real people . We don't ask for any confidential information on this site, and we keep your transactions private. We are registered with the GSA and Systems Award Management of the Federal Government Central procurement center. 

At the moment, we are not doing any online transaction and we don't seek your credit card details for any payment.