Frequently asked questions

Can you source products not seen on your products list?

We strive to obtain whatever you need. Additionally, if you already have a supplier or brand of product you are not completely satisfied with, let us know if we can improve your existing quality or price. Our global sourcing could save you time and money.

What type of forms do we need to move forward?

We will be very hands-on with communicating the order process once we discuss your needs, present a quote, etc.

What is your delivery time for large and small shipments?

Air freight for smaller orders can average 7-10 business days.
Ocean freight can average 30-45 days. We will keep you posted on the real time tracking during the process. These averages can vary based on quantity, country of origin, and global transit conditions.

Do we order through your website?

We are a personalized B2B company and prefer to handle all initial inquires over the phone, video conferencing, or in person when convenient for local customers (metro Kansas City, Mo), or very large on-going product relationships within the continental U.S.

Is there any upfront costs or fees before an order is made?

It is free to create a new product bid or discussing future product needs. Once our customers have had an opportunity to inspect physical samples, be informed of all product specs, and manufacturer information, a pre-payment to secure the order is needed at that time. Our quote is the final price with no hidden fees or changes.

How long does it take to hear back

We endevor to reply to your phone call or text or email within 2 hours of receiving it. If there are situations that are beyond our control and if we haven't gotten back to your query, please do not hesitate to connect with us and let us know how best we can help you with your requirement.

What countries can you import from?

We have no geographic limitations at this time, unless there are social or political circumstances that prevent safe or efficient business or transportation.

Method of Payment

We prefer bank transfers/ ACH for large orders more than a container quantity by ocean freight. All smaller orders less than a container can choose alternate methods of payment including PayPal/ Venmo/Google Pay. For security and fraud prevention, we do not accept credit card transaction.

Because coronavirus is on everyone’s mind, how does this impact shipping?

For shippers from China to the US, the coronavirus has been profoundly disruptive, causing major delays to both manufacturing and shipping.

The majority of Chinese factories have increase production, but COVID-19’s increased global demand is creating many shipping challenges and potential delays at US ports.

Additionally, restrictions on air travel both into and within the US have dramatically reduced air freight capacity, leaving space tight and prices volatile.