Public health officials have reported the dire need to secure protective masks and gloves not only to our medical professionals

on the front line, but ideally to the public at large into the future for consideration of future outbreaks. Not everyone can

find or afford these supplies.


Hive Medix has launched Mission Hive as our program to help others in need of supplies that truly can't afford it, or need to COOP a large order.




  • Maybe you work for a company or nonprofit, and are familiar with large groups in your community needing masks, gloves, or other protective supplies.

  • Designate some portion of an order to be donated to the entity of your choice.

  • Maybe we know someone that wants to underwrite part of your shipment to allow your container to be shared by a supported nonprofit.

  • Maybe your company wants to gift supplies to your community partners.


Just add "MISSION HIVE" in the comments section on our contact page.